Is it better custommade solutions and software development for mid and small companies thanbuying commercial expensive software?

Custom Software Development what's best

Many small and medium-sized companies face the dilemma of whether to develop their own software solutions or to buy commercial and expensive ones. In this blog post, I will argue that developing software solutions is better than buying them, based on three main aspects: maintenance, changes and adaptations, and hiring and contracting.

Maintenance: Developing software solutions allows companies to have more control over the maintenance of their systems. They can fix bugs, update features, and optimize performance according to their own needs and preferences. They can also avoid paying for expensive licenses, subscriptions, or support services that commercial software providers often charge. On the other hand, buying software solutions means relying on external vendors for maintenance, which can be costly, slow, and unreliable. Vendors may not provide timely updates, may discontinue support for older versions, or may charge extra fees for customizations.

Changes and adaptations: Developing software solutions enables companies to adapt their systems to their specific business processes and workflows. They can design and implement features that suit their unique requirements and goals. They can also modify their systems easily and quickly when they need to work in a different way or respond to changing market conditions. On the contrary, buying software solutions forces companies to adapt to the rigid business rules and functionalities of commercial software. They may not be able to customize their systems as much as they want, or they may have to compromise on some aspects of their operations. They may also face compatibility issues with other software or hardware that they use.

Hiring and contracting: Developing software solutions gives companies more flexibility and autonomy in hiring and contracting developers. They can choose the best talent for their projects, whether they are in-house employees or external contractors. They can also manage their budgets and timelines more effectively, as they have more visibility and control over the development process. Conversely, buying software solutions limits the options and opportunities for hiring and contracting developers. Companies may have to depend on the vendors’ availability, expertise, and quality standards. They may also have to deal with communication barriers, cultural differences, or legal issues that may arise from outsourcing or offshoring.

One example of a rapid development software that helps small and medium-sized companies to develop their own software solutions is FileMaker. FileMaker is a platform that allows users to create custom apps for various purposes, such as managing data, automating workflows, or generating reports. FileMaker is easy to use, as it does not require advanced programming skills or complex coding. Users can create apps using drag-and-drop tools, pre-built templates, or JavaScript add-ons . FileMaker also supports multiple platforms, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web browsers. FileMaker enables companies to benefit from developing their own software solutions according to their special way of work.

In conclusion, developing software solutions is better than buying them for small and medium-sized companies because it offers more advantages in terms of maintenance, changes and adaptations, and hiring and contracting. Developing software solutions allows companies to have more control, flexibility, and customization over their systems. FileMaker is a great example of a software that helps companies to develop their own software solutions easily and quickly.

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